KEYNOTE: There Is No "I" in Innovation: Unlocking Power of the Ecosystem to Co-innovate for Fun and Profit

Alex Goryachev
WSJ Bestselling Author & Global Technology Executive

Alex Goryachev is an award-winning global technology executive and a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of “Fearless Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzzword to Continuously Drive Growth, Improve the Bottom Line, and Enact Change”, whose resume reads like a brief history of digitization. 

Over the past 20 years, Alex made it his business to turn disruptive concepts into successful ecosystem-centric business models. He has an extensive track record of building and leading global cross-industry business & technology teams focused on revenue and market share growth, increasing customer acquisition and profitability through new digital products and offerings. The co-innovation programs that Alex created continuously reinvented the capabilities of the Internet by empowering employees, building ecosystems, and creating new offerings inside and outside traditional product and partnership portfolio.

Alex is passionate about leveraging innovation purposefully and pragmatically to create opportunities for all. Today, he is serving as Innovator-in-Residence at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Tulane University. He is an active venture partner with Interlock Capital, a community-driven venture fund primarily investing in underrepresented founders and geographies. Alex is also a US delegate and Technical Advisory Group member in the International Standards Association (ISO), defining global common standards for Innovation Management.  

Prior, as a Managing Director of Global Innovation Programs and Strategy at Cisco, a $50B technology powerhouse, he pioneered the concept of ecosystem co-innovation, creating and later leading Cisco’s global co-innovation centers in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. He held senior leadership roles in the Office of the CTO, Emerging Technology Group and Corporate Development, and led core innovation programs, unifying, and advancing strategic co-innovation partnerships and programs with internal and external customers, partners, developers, academia, and governments.  Alex created award-winning employee innovation and development offerings, providing ~70,000 employees with meaningful opportunities to innovate, regardless of their grade or function. 

In the past, Alex had extended gigs with revolutionary music services Napster and Liquid Audio, pioneering digital music distribution, and bringing it to millions around the world. He also adapted innovations to other industries digitizing business processes at IBM and Pfizer. 

Alex Goryachev has been the recipient of numerous industry awards for innovation and culture transformation. As a sought-after expert, he is a contributing writer for Forbes and Chief Executive Magazine, and an Editorial Advisory Board Member for Innovation Leader Magazine.

Just like the Internet, not all innovative ideas are born inside the boardroom. To unlock the true potential of your organization, you need to tap into the entire ecosystem. That means partnering and co-innovating with customers, suppliers, academia, communities, nonprofits and employees.

Yet, there's a dangerous tendency to remain insular out of ego and fear, which causes organizations to miss out on the major benefits they would otherwise receive when working with the entire ecosystem.

Drawn from global experience, we will discuss the value that non-traditional ecosystem partnerships can bring to your organization: from employee development, to brand value, from community relationships, to new product introduction and revenue acceleration. We look at case studies around the world to pinpoint the value of co-innovation across different organizations and verticals, and discuss creating win-win relationships to create new measurable value for everyone.