KEYNOTE: VMware -- Removing the Roadblocks to Enterprise Blockchain

Tanya Shastri
VMware, VP of Products, Blockchain

Tanya Shastri is VP of Products, Blockchain at VMware where she leads product management and go-to-market for the Blockchain Business Unit. Prior to this, Tanya was at Google where she headed Strategic Business Development for Google Cloud technology partnerships. Tanya co-founded Natero (acquired by Freshworks), a SaaS big data analytics platform. Earlier she worked to productize innovative technology in the CTO’s office at NetApp, and started her career at Cisco where she held several roles in product management and software engineering. Tanya holds an MBA from Haas, UC Berkeley and an MS in Electrical Engineering from SUNY, Stony Brook, NY.

Now that some of the hype has worn off, business leaders generally recognize that there is immense potential for Blockchain and distributed ledger technology to digitally transform business. But those of us tasked with enabling it, know that there is a big difference between the hype of running a proof-of-concept and implementing a solution that is truly enterprise-ready. One of the challenges is the complexity of mission critical applications which may be subject to regulations. They must be approved, certified, supportable and dependable, requiring a much longer implementation lifecycle. In this session, the speaker will share tips for getting your organization started on its blockchain journey without becoming disillusioned or discouraged. He will explain the steps you can take to discover where this technology can play a role in some of your current projects, delivering value in the nearer term which can be used to prove its worth to senior management. He will reveal how to introduce blockchain into the enterprise while creating value and managing expectations.