KEYNOTE: WSO2 -- Empowering Developers to Build the Future: Cloud Native Engineering

Nuwan Dias
WSO2, VP and deputy CTO

Author of Microservices Security in Action. VP and deputy CTO at WSO2. An API enthusiast. Speaker on topics related to APIs, Microservices, Security and Integration.

Organizations are thriving for productivity and agility. And the billion dollar question of the technology industry today is, how do we get there? The answer mostly lies in the hands of developers. If developers can produce quality software, at pace, and keep sustaining it forever, we can build dynamic and agile organizations successfully. However, the technology landscape of today’s industry is overwhelming. Developers are burdened with so much complexity, it creates a lot of confusion and sucks out their energy in solving meta problems instead of focusing on the business need.
This talk is about introducing the concepts of Cloud Native Engineering and teaching how it can help organizations build dynamic teams capable of delivering quality software at scale.