OPEN TALK: A Modern Approach to Developer AppSec Awareness and Training

Kurt Risley
Checkmarx, Global SME

Kurt Risley is the Global SME for Checkmarx's integrated developer AppSec training and awareness solution, CxCodebashing, as well as a frequent speaker at industry events.
Kurt brings over 25 years of enterprise software and cybersecurity experience to his role.

As organizations move to DevOps, the demand for faster software releases increases the chances of vulnerable code making its way into production. The good news is that coding errors leading to vulnerabilities are extremely preventable when on-demand, interactive secure coding lessons are readily available. This presentation will explain how modern AppSec awareness and training can bridge the gap between an organization’s secure software initiatives and the lack of secure coding best practices.

Join this session to learn:

•     The secure coding challenges organizations face

•     Developers as well as organizations are asking for an AppSec Awareness Program or Solution

•     See how Checkmarx can help with an AppSec Awareness program (Demo)

•     Q&A