OPEN TALK: Go Beyond Speech Recognition with Conversation Intelligence APIs

Surbhi Rathore, CEO

Surbhi Rathore is the CEO and Co-founder of a conversation intelligence (AI) platform. enables developers to apply contextual comprehension of any natural human conversation to applications, without the need to build and train ML models.

She co-founded in the Techstars program and officially launched it as a Seattle-based startup in 2018. An early-stage venture round of $6.5M, backed by Amazon, Techstars and prominent VCs, accelerated company and product growth, enabling it to acquire its initial enterprise customers and build a growing community of developers.

Surbhi has extensive experiences in the conversation intelligence space and leading technical teams at specifically in the Telecommunication Domain. She is also an active advocate for Women in AI, with a passion to inspire and enable more women to work and succeed in data science professions. In her free time, she aspires to be a travel junky and enjoys spending time with her family.

Conversation Intelligence (CI) APIs enables to build applications that go beyond basic speech to text, creating a new array of sophisticated AI-driven experiences and functionalities. Basic speech recognition is designed to recognize or respond to explicit words and phrases, while conversation intelligence is capable of contextual comprehension of any human conversations to effectively extract key insights, identify user intent, surface actionable insights, detect sentiment, and more. Conversation Intelligence has given a rise to a new generation of AI driven applications and platforms across various verticals such as revenue intelligence, tele-health, call centers and customer support, collaboration and productivity platforms and moreā€¦

Join our session to learn more about Conversation Intelligence, creating new app experiences with it, and how to do so with APIs.