OPEN TALK: Innovation Beyond Technology: Creating a Groundbreaking Tech Solution with Freelance Talent

Alex Weekes
Toptal, Project Manager

Alex's skills as a project manager helped integrate athlete management tech into many UK universities such as Birmingham City University. He joined Toptal to add his expertise in agile methodologies and best practice leadership techniques to help complete innovative projects and add value to end users' products. As a PMI member, he is proficient at operating within a varied company structure from SMEs to enterprise organizations.

When Alexander Weekes, a Toptal freelance project manager, began working with client ArthroLense, the small start-up consisted of two orthopedic surgeons and an idea. As the project manager, Alex and a team of freelance developers helped transform their idea to use augmented reality in surgeries into a salable product with a multi-million dollar valuation.

In this interactive session, Alex will tell the story of ArthroLense, the pioneering innovator of image-guided surgical assist technologies.

He will discuss:

- How, as a project manager contracted by Toptal, he created the processes, selected the tools, and bridged the gap between technical, medical, design, and financial perspectives.

- Working with cutting-edge augmented reality hologram technology.

- Why the future of high-caliber, innovative projects is freelance contractors.