OPEN TALK: Intelligent, Customizable Compression for PDFs with PdfOptimizer

Kevin Willems
iText Software, Junior Java Developer

Kevin joined iText in 2018 and is currently working as a pre-sales engineer. He is often helping customers with their usecases, implementation as well as any other problems they might face. In his free time he likes to learn new technologies and play the occasional video game.

Boosted by the pandemic, the level of digitalization in document workflows took a steep rise over the last year. While most professionals welcome this evolution, there are important factors to consider to make your digitalization efforts worthwhile, such as the processing performance of document-based operations, and the price of data storage locally or within the cloud.

With PDF being the preferred format for digital documents, a performant and automated solution for optimizing PDFs in high volumes should be at the very heart of your digitalization strategy.

With pdfOptimizer, the latest add-on for the iText 7 PDF library, iText offers an efficient solution to this challenge. In this webinar Cal Reynolds, Pre-Sales Engineer at iText and pdfOptimizer product expert, will

- Show you different ways to compress PDFs without loss of visual quality

- Quantify what these optimizations can save you in time and money

- Guide you through how pdfOptimizer can easily synergize with your document workflows to expedite processes, such as digital signing.

- Answer all your questions in a live Q & A session.