OPEN TALK: Why Does a Comprehensive Approach to Mobile App Security Matter?

Dario Dallefrate
Guardsquare, Product Marketing Manager

Dario Dallefrate is an experienced B2B marketer who has held various roles spanning from R&D to product marketing in both small and large high-tech companies. Upon completing his Masters in 2001 in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico of Milan, he worked to develop software for industrial automation and robotics till 2007. In 2008, he moved to product marketing, where he was responsible for the oversight of local customers in Italy, global clients in the UK and Belgium, and worked for Fortune 500 and Nasdaq-listed companies. In 2017, he completed his MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK. Most recently, he joined Guardsquare as Product Marketing Manager in early 2021.

Mobile apps are increasingly the main channel for customer-companies interactions in almost all industries. By 2025, the vast majority of internet users will access the web primarily via their smart devices. So it's no surprise that bad actors are broadening their attacks, targeting smartphones to steal IP, confidential data, or, in general, to tamper with mobile apps for personal benefit.

From mobile application shielding to security testing during the software development cycle through monitoring apps once in market, you'll learn how a comprehensive approach to mobile application security makes your apps and your business more resilient to security threats.