Quantum Computers Pose a Huge Threat to Current Encryption. Get Ready

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Dave Krauthamer
QuSecure, CEO

Dave holds a degree in Computer Science. He loves working with people and is passionate about helping companies create incredible products, amazing brands, powerful marketing stories, and high-performance sales teams

He has extensive experience in Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Product Innovation, Marketing, Sales, M&A, in addition to a wide background in the implementation of enterprise-wide systems.

Dave currently serves as CEO of QuSecure and the founder of Quantum Thought. Quantum Thought is a premier quantum computing launchpad for the founding generation of quantum computing companies, as well as the generations to follow. The mission of Quantum Thought is to create, incubate, launch and guide amazing quantum companies and foundational technologies that will enable other companies to enter a New Age.

He is also the founder of NEURAL SALES an intelligent (AI) solution that evaluates all aspects of your market in real-time and learns from your interactions, successes, and setbacks.

Prior to that, Dave created an award-winning company named Intelenex which became a leading partner in the transformation of Corporate Systems to the Cloud. Intelenex was recognized as Oracle's Top Cloud ERP Sales Partner in 2015. Closing the year by selling almost 50% more Cloud ERP licenses than any other partner.

Intelenex was also acknowledged as being one of the fastest-growing service companies in the country by Inc. Magazine ranking 364 out of the top 5000. The company was sold in July of 2015.

It might already be too late.

Encrypted data needs to remain secure for 10, or even up to 75 years in some cases. If stolen today, there is a likely chance quantum computers will have enough power to decrypt that data while is still very valuable.
Quantum computers create significant security and global dominance risks. State-sponsored programs will use quantum computers for attacks on encryption. These will be optimized to hack data in transit, in use, and at rest.

During this session, we will help enterprise and government leaders understand this looming threat. We will present solutions to make your organization quantum-safe by securing data, ensuring your digital assets remain safe well into the future.