Rethinking the Role of Technology in Technical Hiring

Vivek Ravisankar
HackerRank, Co-Founder and CEO

Vivek Ravisankar is the Co-Founder and CEO at HackerRank. HackerRank is the world's leading developer skills platform, helping more than 7 million developers (over 25 percent of the global developer population) learn and practice coding. Every eight seconds, someone around the world completes a HackerRank assessment. Prior to HackerRank, Ravisankar was on the Kindle team at Amazon, India. HackerRank is the first company to be accepted by Y-combinator from India.

The process of hiring has always been simple: candidates apply, they are interviewed, sometimes given a task or test to complete, then they are hired. But what if the future of hiring was still simple, but used complex AI to find the perfect candidate? Vivek Ravisankar says AI in hiring is now becoming essential, but that’s not all. In order to scale your teams successfully, companies need to start utilizing new hiring tools, but they also must be using those tools correctly. Right now, we need to rethink AI’s current and future role in hiring, so Vivek will dive deeper into the benefits and challenges of using AI while recruiting and how AI will play an important role in sourcing and hiring as we move forward in an increasingly digital world where face-to-face options aren’t readily available anymore