Survival Guide: How to Survive an Industry Crisis

Tony Delmercado
Hawke Media, Co-Founder and COO

Tony Delmercado is a Co-Founder and COO at Hawke Media, a leading digital marketing agency that allows companies like Evite, Proactiv, Verizon Wireless, Eddie Bauer and Red Bull, to outsource their CMO needs. Tony is an insatiably curious entrepreneur and an accomplished communicator with a passion for starting new companies that solve real problems. Prior to becoming partner and COO at Hawke, Tony helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for multiple companies, including Fame Wizard, Inc., World Business Academy, and Vector Marketing, through his leadership roles in business development, marketing, and operations. Tony has mentored over 2,000 individuals, is a volunteer at The Midnight Mission and shares his expertise with others as a regular contributor on Entrepreneur. He has also contributed articles on entrepreneurship, business operations, and digital marketing to sites like, Convince & Convert, Kissmetrics, Internet Retailer, and many other reputable publications.

The 2020 pandemic left many businesses uprooted, uncertain, and pushed to their creative limits to keep their organizations afloat. As leaders enter an era of next moves post-pandemic, how can companies—both emerging and seasoned—set the foundation to come out stronger than they were before? Erik can discuss successful leadership in a time of crisis—from moving your team to fully remote to re-strategizing your funding and services, to recruiting for a virtual office. He will discuss tactics around communication and leadership to strengthen how you and your team can continue to thrive through waves of adversity.