Mobile DevOps & Analytics

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Bugs That Never Got Reported
Wim Selles
Wim Selles
Sauce Labs, Senior Solutions Architect

Some of you might have faced this situation. A critical bug made it through to production and when it explodes on social media, your paying customers start abandoning your mobile app. You feel like the sky is falling! Too late, you discover that this bug reached production because an internal user failed to report it.


When application performance and stability can make or break your business, how can you prevent critical bugs from reaching your end-users? This is where a well-thought mobile app beta testing strategy can help. 

During this presentation, mobile automation expert Wim Selles will share best practices for how to prevent bugs from going unreported. You will learn how you can optimize mobile beta testing so your teams can deliver better mobile apps, faster.

Attendees will take away:

  • How to find the right audience to beta test your mobile apps
  • The reasons why internal/external beta users don’t report bugs
  • How to encourage your beta testing audience to report bugs
  • How to get the most value out of the bug reports generated
OPEN TALK: The Security of Applications Supporting the New Remote Lifestyle
Mike McGuire
Mike McGuire
Synopsys, Product Marketing Manager

With very little preparation, society was forced to move online as social distancing and shutdown mandates were implemented in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. Numerous parts of our lives that we were accustomed to doing in the physical world are now done virtually—changing the way we work, learn, and interact. As a result, we all developed an increased reliance on mobile applications.

Using Black Duck® Binary Analysis, Synopsys set out to analyze the security of the most popular Android applications in categories experiencing significant growth throughout the pandemic. Join this session to learn:

• Which apps were analyzed and the analysis methods used
• Noteworthy security findings
• What the findings mean for app developers and consumers alike

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Mobile DevOps Is a Thing!
Moataz Nabil
Moataz Nabil
Bitrise, Developer Advocate

Mobile DevOps is a practice of bringing the different disciplines involved in developing, testing, releasing, and operating software into being functional inside organizations or by a team that works closely together.

The team is able to continuously deliver their apps based on continuous feedback and iteration.

There are different practices, habits, and different flavors of adopted company cultures that set the behavior for an actual process and daily doing.

Mobile DevOps and CI/CD pipelines help us to deliver our apps faster than before with great quality, they help us in running our test automation scripts on different stages (every pull request and nightly build) and help us in releasing our apps automatically to our QA engineers, product managers, and our customers.

In this session, I will be talking about the Benefits Of DevOps In Mobile App Development, why we should use it, and how to use it?

KEYNOTE: Cisco -- Quantum Communication Challenges in Scaling Quantum Computers
Sam Samuel
Sam Samuel
Cisco, CTO for Mobility Business Group (MBG)

To scale quantum computers, the communication between them is key. The benefits of quantum computation are realized when that computation occurs in a distributed manner - this requires a quantum network to join those computational elements together, placing the prospect of quantum communication as a critical piece of the puzzle. However long-distance quantum communication is raising a number of questions that are not yet answered. There are different modes of operations that a quantum network could have, each of them requiring quantum repeaters to guarantee end-to-end communication. All these modes come with their challenges in terms of communication rate, quantum memory management or cost of the network. This leads to additional challenges to address such as the reliability of information exchange and the integrity of end-to-end transport, as well as considerations around the engineering approach to quantum networking. In this session, we will explore the role of quantum communication in getting quantum computers to scale meaningfully, the related challenges the industry needs to overcome and how Cisco is approaching these issues through close collaboration with selected academic partners.