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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Cross Platform Frameworks and How It Accelerates Development and Delivery
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Teresa Wu
Teresa Wu
J.P. Morgan, VP Engineer

If your team is in dilemma of choosing between native mobile development and cross-platform frameworks, this talk might be interesting for you. In it, you will find a detailed analysis of the differences between native and cross-platform app development; the benefit of using cross-platform frameworks;
a comparison of cross-platform frameworks, including the very popular Flutter, React Native and Kotlin Multiplatform.

Furthermore, it goes on to look at each technical from the view of developer experience versus product design and release process, showing cases of how it benefits your project if you are crafting a brand new project (Greenfield) or a rewriting / refactoring (Brownfield). In the end, I will discuss few challenges of cross-platform project in team building, automation testing and delivery.