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KEYNOTE: Cloudflare -- Transform and Secure Your Organization Faster: Internet-Native Architectures Helping You & Your Business

John Engates
Cloudflare, Field Chief Technology Officer

John Engates joined Cloudflare in September of 2021 as Field Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for leading the Field CTO organization globally. Prior to Cloudflare, John was Client CTO at NTT Global Networks and Global CTO at Rackspace Technology, Inc. Earlier in his career, John helped launch one of the first Internet service providers in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

John is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio and lives in Texas with his wife and two daughters. He is passionate about technology and enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and spending time traveling with his family. 

We’re all facing more and more apps moving to the cloud, teams working remotely, amid growing and evolving security threats. When it comes to security, there’s never a single destination. The biggest risk is committing to an approach that locks you out of your own future — think of roadblocks like moving along a vendors’ legacy approach forward just because it’s there, or restricting your options because of choices someone else made years ago. Today and tomorrow, more than ever, organizations of all sizes need highly effective security delivered via an Internet-native architecture that consistently bends and flexes to tackle the challenges of our current landscape, and that innovates at a pace to help you foresee what’s ahead. Join this vendor-agnostic session, where we’ll learn about how you can be equipped to face new emerging threats, with essential capabilities for business continuity, and scale instantly without worry:
— Why this is happening now: shifting your network and security infrastructure to the cloud and consolidating it into one composable services platform.
— How to evaluate: if a security platform is built on a trusted, resilient, and flexible zero trust network, architected for where networking is going.
— How to adopt: everything you need today and tomorrow to secure your business so you can operate it easily, at your own pace, at lower cost, and with consistent and relentless innovation to help you and the organization scale.