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MOBIX.FAMILY - A Decentral Model for the Gig Economy

Rebecca Johnson
MOBIX Marketplace, Chief Technology Officer

As CTO of Datarella, Rebecca Johnson unites the mind of a technologist with communication skills of a globespanning polyglot. She has been one of the driving forces behind behind many of Datarella’s most successful projects including, Track & Trust and the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace. Rebecca is a founding member of the European Blockchain Association and lecturer at the Technical University of Munich. Previously, Rebecca held a number of positions at tech giants Apple and at Fujitsu. She holds advanced university degrees in International Economics, Business, and Spanish from Georgia State University, USA. 

MOBIX already rewards you for using eco-friendly means of transportation like riding by bike, e-Bike, scooter, e-Scooter, e-Moped. MOBIX.FAMILY is now expanding into a growing, widespread family of gig economy workers, not dependent on a single, dominant corporation or centralized platform. Each MOBIX family member can send and receive items, s.a. food, or parcel – or can provide other services, s.a. gardening, shopping, or other types of services. Everyone earns! In this talk you'll learn about how we're bridging the world of blockchain and digital incentives with the real world!