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Mobile DevOps & Analytics

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

KEYNOTE -- Waldo: Mastering the Mobile Testing Pyramid
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Laurent Sigal
Laurent Sigal
Waldo, Co-founder and CTO

For years, mobile testing has lacked a proper structure and framework to successfully enable development teams to implement and scale continuous end to end mobile testing. After working with hundreds of mobile application companies in his role as co-founder & CTO of Waldo, Laurent Sigal will take you through the guiding principles and practical steps necessary to establish a mobile testing pyramid to shift mobile testing left. Join this session to learn:
-An overview of the mobile testing pyramid that enables mobile teams to break the speed versus quality dichotomy
-How to properly set up your environment to enable end to end testing, including the importance of proper state management
-The six major benefits you will gain from improving your mobile DevOps