WoundCon Spring 2022 – A Virtual Wound Care Conference & Expo WoundCon Spring 2022 – A Virtual Wound Care Conference & Expo

Friday, March 11, 2022

Are You in for a Shock? The Role of Electrical Stimulation in Wound Healing

Dubbed the endogenous “skin battery,” the wound healing process is influenced by our skin’s endogenous electric potential. In undamaged skin, a natural electrical potential of 10–60 mV between the epidermal and subepidermal layer exists. Conversely, transepithelial voltage fundamentally increases around a wound, producing a voltage difference between the wound site and the undamaged skin ranging from 100 to 150 mV/mm. These endogenous electrical fields play an essential role in wound healing, with resulting endogenous currents acting as a signal for cellular migration that in tandem help heal wounds. This phenomenon motivates the exploration into the use of electrical stimulation (ES). This session explores the effects of ES on the cellular mechanisms of wound healing and the usefulness of ES in treating acute and chronic wounds. 

1.00 CME Credits | 1.00 Contact Hours