After the event organizers have added you as a check-in manager, you can check in attendees.

1) Accept the Email Invite

After the event organizers add you as a check-in manager, you will receive an email invite to activate your account. If you don't see the invite, you should try searching your email for [email protected]

2) Using the Check-in App

Using the check-in app does not require any downloads. Emamo's check-in app works in both desktop and mobile web browsers.

There are two types of check-ins:

Event Check-in: This is when you check in attendees to the overall event, like a conference or startup week.

Session Check-in: This is when you check in attendees to a sub-event, like a session, workshop, or party that is part of the overall event.

Depending on which type of check-in manager you are, you may only see check-in options for certain sessions.

To check in an attendee, click the purple "Check-In" button under an attendee's name.

If an attendee has two tickets, they will appear twice in this list so both tickets can be checked-in.

If you make a mistake and need to remove a check-in, you can click the three dots in the right corner and remove the check-in.