Shortcodes are a simple way to embed dynamic content into any Emamo page.

A shortcode is written inside two square brackets. For example, the [sponsors] shortcode can be used to add your sponsor list of images to any page.

View a demo site where you can see each of these shortcodes in action here.

Below you’ll find a list of all the shortcodes available on Emamo:


Embed your schedule with 6 different style options.

[schedule style=1] [schedule style=2] [schedule style=3]

[schedule style=4] [schedule style=5] [schedule style=6]


Embed tweets from your company account with 2 different style options.

[twitter user=emamo style=1] [twitter user=emamo style=2]

Event Information:

Embed a general event info bar that includes the date, location and a way to join the event.



Embed your speaker directory.

[speakers style=1] [speakers style=2] [speakers style=3]


Embed your sponsor directory.



Embed your attendee directory.

[attendees style=1] [attendees style=2] [attendees style=3]