Taylor McKnight Emamo & Sched Founder

Hi, I'm Taylor from Emamo!

Our mission is to make it easier to bring people together by building:

1. A community of event planners to learn from.

2. Tools to help manage your event and grow your audience.

Here's our story and how we came to be.

Taylor McKnight, Dave Barnwell and Michelle Lee

The Emamo founding team in Austin, TX.

Events change the world.

I landed my first job after college at a conference. I met my fiancé at a festival. I made life-long friends at meetups.

The incredible people I've met at events have turned into employees, business partners and customers that I've worked along side for a decade.

I believe in the life-changing power of events because they have changed my life.

From 2008-2018, I founded and ran an event app company called Sched. We launched the first version over a single weekend.

Soon organizers asked us if they could use it at their event and we organically turned it into a sustainable business.

Sched Founder

I manually typed in 8,000+ events from SXSW into the first Sched site in 2008.

We focused on complex agenda management for events with hundreds or thousands of sessions going on.

It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of so many tech conferences, yoga festivals and educational events.

Sched's All-Remote Team

Sched was powered by an incredible and enthusiastic team around the world.

At the end of 2018, I made the tough decision to end ties with an old business partner by selling my stake in Sched.

I now had the opportunity to start a new chapter in life. I still had a passion for building tools to help people come together. My small way of making a dent on the universe, perhaps.

Emamo being born in an Austin ranch

A snapshot of what starting a company really looks like.

Introducing Emamo.

I invited Dave and Michelle over from Sched to join me for a week at a ranch in Austin, Texas. Over tacos and horchata, we talked about those events that changed our lives.

We founded Emamo at that ranch in 2019 and got back to work on a brand new event platform.

Emamo makes it easier to manage multiple events. We will also help you grow your audience through the tools we build and the event planner stories we share.

Event organizers have one of the most stressful jobs because they have to deal with frequent changes and hard deadlines.

Changing the world is hard work.

Bringing people together can change the world. But it doesn't just happen — producing an event is damn hard!

Are we hitting the goals for our stakeholders? Did we close that sponsorship? Did I remember to update my run_of_show_FINAL spreadsheet? How do I keep the momentum going with post-event communication?

Doing your best work was supposed to be easier.

You started using event software to help you do your best work. Now you use a dozen apps with a dozen subscriptions. A never-ending stack of forms and confusing workflows to communicate with attendees and reach new ones.

Did my email invites get marked as spam? When a speaker cancelled, did I update it everywhere? What the heck should I post on social media every day?

We build event software that is a delight to use and simple to understand.

Software can't solve everything.

Let's get real. Sometimes it's just better to plan your event schedule with sticky notes and a room full of people. Or easier to hand out paper agendas to a non-techy crowd than walk them through downloading your app.

We embrace these offline solutions as part of your toolkit.

But people coming together can.

What about strategic and logistical decisions? Most of us improve through trial and error but we could improve so much faster if we learned from others.

Should I change my ticket prices? How often should I be emailing attendees? How do I speed up check-in? Which software actually works well together?

There's an organizer out there that's made those mistakes, figured it out and come out smarter. And organizers love helping others. It's just who we are.

We are creating a space for organizers to help others.

Emamo at Web Summit as an Alpha Startup

We exhibited with other startups at Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal

It's just the beginning.

Check out our event planner blog and weekly podcast and say hello if you want to share your story with us.

Join us as we make great event software and build this community. Is there a killer feature that would help your organization? Let us know what you want to see next.

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