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We interview successful event planners and experts to share the opportunities and strategies to grow in this changing world.

Launching a Customer Event From Your Email List

Featuring SaaS Entrepreneur Amar Ghose of ZenMaid

Amar Ghose - ZenMaid

The Four Steps to a Wildly Interactive Livestream

Featuring Interactive Platform Founder Eli Stonberg of Hovercast

Eli Stonberg - Hovercast
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Use Feedback Loops to Create a Truly Interactive Virtual Event

Producing a Company Summit for a Globally Distributed Team

Featuring Shopify's Culture Events Producer Michael O’Farrell

Michael O'Farrell - Shopify

Make the Last Impression a Lasting Impression with Event Recaps

Featuring Event Consultant Jen Gilhoi of Sparktrack

Jen Gilhoi - Sparktrack
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Try These Small Scheduling Changes to Avoid Attendee Burnout

Roll Out the Red Carpet with a Conference Concierge

Featuring Conference Founder Sarah Hatter of Elevate CX

Sarah Hatter - Elevate CX
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7 Ways to Delight Attendees at Your Next Virtual Event

Starting a Meetup Group and Growing It Into a Conference

Featuring Community Expert Dave Mathias

Dave Mathias - NorthRupt Labs
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Experiments to Boost Your Meetup Group Engagement

The Hidden Benefits of Virtual Conferences: Inclusivity

Featuring Online Conference Organizers Chris Schmitt & Ari Stiles

Chris Schmitt & Ari Stiles

How to Record Your Conference Talks and Make Them Accessible

Featuring Conference Videographer Cooper

Cooper - Administraitor

Get Speakers and Attendees Excited With a Clear Vision

Featuring Global Events Manager Mélanie Pereira of DevBreak

Mélanie Pereira - DevBreak

Bring Authenticity To Your Events

Featuring Event Founder Dylan Schiemann of HalfStack

Dylan Schiemann - HalfStack

Listening To Your Attendees

Featuring Event Manager Iva Donova of The Next Web Conference

Iva Donova - The Next Web Conference

How to Turn Your Event Into Year-Round Content

Featuring Conference Founder Mark Littlewood of Business of Software

Mark Littlewood - Business of Software

How to Build Your Community

Featuring Event Planner Xander Castro of MicroConf

Xander Castro - MicroConf

Make Your Event Better, Don't Just Make It Happen

Featuring Community Manager Andrea O'Meara of Crosscut

Andrea O'Meara - Crosscut

Give Attendees Post-Event Goals Using Encores

Featuring Event Planner Steffi Karp of Limmud Boston

Steffi Karp - Limmud Boston

Streamline Your Programming By Aligning Your Team & Goals

Featuring Event Chair Teagan Eastman of ULA

Teagan Eastman - ULA
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5 Event Management Tools ULA Uses Why Post-Event Surveys Are Crucial